Guns Unleashes Chaos

Have you ever lived in a place where guns is the main problem for safety, well if you haven’t it could be very scaring. So I ask this question to you people, should guns and ammo be banned from America? Guns are sold around the world. Everyone knows that guns could be used for protection and some people have a loaded gun with ammo lying around the house, but most of the time it can be use to kill! Some people would want guns banned but some won’t. Me, I want guns and ammo to be banned, of course, no questions asked. 

 Guns lead to violence and death. Do you really want someone walking down the street with a gun? I know I don’t. The only people that should have a gun is the police, well in my opinion, I don’t think cops should have a guns too because they abuse their power knowing there’s a gun on their belt. That’s one reason guns should be banned, when there is a rookie cop on the job they over react and the first thing is to pull out the gun.

There are always gun related deaths around the world. In 2002, USA had 9369 deaths, Canada had 144 deaths, Ireland had 12, Mexico had 2606, El Salvador had 1441. Shocking isn’t it! Homicides are always happening. But some gun related deaths count as accidents and suicides.

There has been a lot of times when someone brings a gun to school. If we don’t ban guns we could have the same crisis we had in Littleton, Colorado on April 20 1999, the Columbine High School shooting. After the event that unfolded in the school ended the S.W.A.T. team found 12 students, a teacher, and the two shooters Dylan Kleboe and Eric Harris dead. 20 more students were found seriously injured or paralyzed . The guns that the shooters used was purchased on gun shows and a Kmart nearby. Even groups like KKK, or Skinheads get they’re hands on guns because they have connection with people that have heavy guns like AK47s  etc. 

That is why we should ban guns. If you live by the ghetto don’t you want those gun stores to banned? I used to live in the ghetto before and my parents concerns were for our safety. That is way guns should be banned. If you live by City Hall you can tell them to make a change.


Abecedarian Poem

Fat Boy




Do not,

Excuse you.

For chips,

Gee you do,

Hour after Hour,

Ice-cream and other,

Just all you eat,

Knowing you’re fat.

More food

Never any vegetables

Opening some chip

People laugh

Quit it!

Roaring for food

Super Size

The combo

Use napkins never

Vegetables never

Wow you’re fat

X-tra large clothes

You Never Stop!!!!

Ze End!!!!!!!


Pop Goes My Bone

One night on September 1, 2007, my family went to my cousin’s house to celebrate my birthday. After we finished playing around, it was time to open my presents. I got a lot of clothes for my birthday. I was disappointed, I thought that was all I got until my aunt and my mom went to my house to get other presents. They took awhile so my two cousins Aaron and Joey and I decided to climb on the roof. The house was one floor. My cousin Aaron got his bike and told us he was going to ride off the roof. He asked us to help him bring the bike up, so we did. First we tied a rope to the back pedals and we tied the other end to the satellite dish.

I had a bad feeling about this but if I said that, they’ll call me a chicken or worse. So after we had tied the rope to the bike we did the dumbest mistake ever, we forgot to untie the rope from the bike. So Aaron got on his bike rode off, it was until that me and Joey saw the rope still intact to the pegs. The rope tightened and pulled the bike backwards. Everything went slow motion and I saw my cousin fall off the bike. He fell on his car hard. The bike flew back towards the house.  I was so scared I froze. My cousin reacted and he grabbed me and we were safe until my cousin lost his balance. We slipped screaming, I fell off the edge but my cousin Joey was hanging upside down. His pants were stuck on the edge of the house. I tried to save my fall by landing on my hands.  I heard a snapping sound.

Soon a painful sensation struck my hand. I looked at my hands and soon noticed something dark red and white sticking out. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. I touched my face and felt hot blood on my chin. Aaron recovered and limped over towards me. He yelled for help. My uncle, step-dad, brothers, and my other cousins came rushing out. The painful sensation died down. They carried me inside and lay me down on the sofa. When my mom and aunt came back, they saw that we weren’t there. We told them we were at the hospital. I recovered three or four months later.

The lesson I learned is that think first before doing something dumb. My mom was so upset with me that she didn’t let me opened the other presents til’ my next birthday.

Spring Break Adventure!!!

For my Spring Break my family is going to Universal Studios Hollywood! I can’t wait, I haven’t been there since I was nine. I’m really looking forward to the new Simpsons Ride, well it’s not really new but if I haven’t tried it it’s new to me. So if anyone have been on that ride, can you tell me if it was good. My brothers told me that the Mummy Ride is insane, they also told me that it goes backwards fast. Jurassic Park the ride is awesome it’s really cool, there is fake dinosaurs walking around during the ride but then the ride turns scary when you enter a messed up building. For advise cover you face because when you enter cause there are raptors siting right in the entrance, they spit water at you, cold water! But when you get farther in, you could see the water going down a big drop. When you think the ride ended the car stops… then a T-rex pops up on top of you then the car drops. Another advise cover your ears when the T-rex yells it’s really loud.

Scholastic Writing: The Techno Future Is Mine

Some people will ask the same question as others, where will technology take us by 2025? Recently Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we communicate, but if we could create that, we could create a virtual world or something. But I think the future is not going to be that different, but in my imagination, I see flying spacecrafts, like Star Wars. But the thing I think is possible is to have robots. Not like the ones they just made but robots that act like humans. Of course they’ll be made out of metal. But ever since I was little, I have always thought there might be time machines everywhere. We might even be able to clone each other. We’re on our way to more advanced technology. I know for a fact that we could create energy efienct light bulbs, showerheads and faucets. I know that because companies like Edison International has already made some items. The future can be a planet with renewable energy.

I hope the future is a friendly environment. No one wants to raise a child when another country could bomb you. But that has happened before. Everyone who has power in the government might want someone else’s oil and bomb or invade them for it. That is why it’s kind of scary. So even though technology has achieved us a lot of items, it could kill us.

So sometimes we have to hope for the best. Which is kind of funny because we have already created crazy things. One example is cars, they created a car that stops itself if the driver begins to doze off. Even keep the car in the right lane if the driver begins to wonder. A second example is that the in the 1970’s, the TV’s were black and white. But now we made HD TV’s with surround system and everything, that is a clue that there is going to be something greater than technology now, but all we can do is wait… and wait.

Everyday Heros Response

Gwendolyaan Dasher

When I grow up, I want to have a career as a graphic designer. I would like to be a graphic designer because my brother is studying that. My big brother is my role model and I want to be just like him. I want to know how to use Photoshop like a professional. I like the designs people make. That is my dream. My brothers and I are good artists. My big brother is the only one who knows how to draw in Photoshop. That is what I want to be when I grow up.

Kala White

One time when I was little I stole $5.00 from my mom’s purse because the ice cream truck was outside and selling YU-GI-OH cards. My mom noticed the money was gone. She soon found out it was me. Ever since, whenever I ask her for some money she says, “Wasn’t the $5 enough for you, you thief?” But in Spanish. I learned not to steal from parents because no matter what, they might hang that over your head for the rest of your life.

Benjamin Carson M.D.

A Helpful Teacher

My fourth grade teacher was helpful and kind. He was also funny. One day he told me that he needed to talk to my mom about my grades. The next day she came and my teacher told her I was going to flunk if I didn’t get better. But then my teacher got an idea.  He asked my mom if it was OK if he took away my PS2.  It was OK with her. He told me he will give it back every weekend but on Mondays, I would have to give it back to him. That affected me so much, my work improved. I even got a permission slip to take the G.A.T.E test. But I didn’t want to go because it sounded like a lot of work, so I never gave the slip to my mom. But my teacher found out I never gave it to her, so he called her to school to sign the papers. Then he told me and my mom that I was one of the smartest kids in the class. For all that he did for me, he was and always will be my favorite teacher.

Welcome Earthlings

Hello people around the world my name is Alex. I’m a student in Miss Nichols Class in JAMS. I’m going to post some of my work like memior writing, narrative writing. This is my first time using Edublogs. I’m into music, mostly metal. I like to draw mostly manga. I watch anime shows such as Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball Z. I like watching horror and humor movies. Those are the things I like and what I’m going to do on this website.