Journey To The Concert

This story is about five teenagers who’s’ got tickets to a concert in L.A. Those teens are Izzy Stradin, Mac Hernandez, Chris Leopard, Paula Cordian, and Suzie Rupert, the boys are eighteen but the girls are seventeen. They live in Lawndale California; the setting in the story is mostly in Hollywood, and a police station. Some of the conflicts are pretty insane like Mac gets thrown in a police station for fighting with a hobo; the main conflict is that they don’t know how to get there.

Izzy was an eighteen year old, wild headbanger likes metal, heavy metal, hair metal etc. He had long brown hair, brown eyes, he always dresses in black. You know how I know all this… Izzy is me!

It was a Friday at 5:36 in the afternoon. The sun was shinning bright, and my best friend Mac Hernandez was screaming my name. “IZZY! IZZY!” He yelled.



I walked to the front door. I opened the door and he barged in my house, “so what do you-,“ he cut me off.

“Dude, I can’t believe this is happening!” He sounded so excited.

“You finally grew your chest hair.” I was giggling.

“NO, I’ve got five tickets to that big concert in Hollywood, you know with Guns N Roses, Skid Row, Metallica and Megadeth!” His face was fulled with joy.

My face was so frozen with a big red smile.

“You’re kidding right!”

“No I’m not,” he paused “so if I got five tickets that means you, me, Chris, Paula and Suzie could go!” As I said, I was happy even happier.  “Hey Izzy one problem. Who’s going to take us?” He just had to spoil the moment.

“You moron the bus will take us.”

The concert was the next day at midnight. Mac, Chris and I were at Hogan Park.  “Dude where they! We’re leaving at 4:00 and its 4:48, twelve minutes ‘til five o’clock.” Chris was so mad.

“Uh Chris, I think you should calm down.” I suggested.

“Hey guys they’re here!” Mac declared.

Finally we took off. We stopped at the bus stop in front of Ampm. We hopped on the incoming bus. We walked through the bus looking for empty seats. Soon we sat down but some guy started saying bad stuff to us. We were getting madder and madder. Finally Mac stood up and punched  right in his face. It was shocking because Mac wasn’t tough. We heard the bus driver say “get off the bus or I’m calling the cops!” We didn’t like the police. So we got off.

We were so upset with Mac.

“Did you have to punch the guy. I’m always talking about this all the time but all you say is ‘calm down’ or ‘get it’ but no!” I lestured him. A hour has past since we got kicked off the bus.

We were walking, we were at Hollywood but the concert was at Hollywood Hills and at 12:00 but it was 10:42. There was a hobo walking around. Mac walked to the homeless person to give him five bucks. Soon, for a reason I can’t explained…they got in a fight. We ran to them trying to brake it up. Soon the cops came. They arrested Mac and the hobo but in a different car.

Thrity minutes after Mac got arrested, he called Chris’s cell phone. They talked for a lot. After the call, he looked puzzled.

“He’s in Hollywood Hills.”

We called a taxi, we took the cab all the way to Hollywood Hills. “Thank you so much.” I thanked him. We were in front of the police station, we entered and the two cops that arrested Mac were sleeping. We found the keys to the cell and we took some bikes that were behind some cars. We were close to the concert but soon the cops were chasing us , but when we gave up the cops said that we reminded them of themselves when they were younger.  So they let us go. We finally went inside the concert. The concert was so awesome!!!!!!!! W were so glad the cops let go. The whole day was a spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!